Directorate of Distance Education, The University of Burdwan (DDEBUR), Bardhaman, West Bengal

ESTD 1994
Bardhaman , West Bengal
Ranked 92 in University by MHRD 2020

Vision of the University of Burdwan is a place for empowerment of the youth; for the fusion and refinement of ideas coming from different directions as also those emanating from interactive minds.


Burdwan is an anglicised version of the Sanskrit Vardhamana and the corresponding Bardhaman in Bengali. The origin of this name dates back to sixth century BC and is ascribed to the twenty-fourth Jain Tirthankar, or Vardhamanswami, who spent some time in Astikagrama, according to the the Jain Kalpasutra. This place has been renamed as Vardhamana in his honour. A second view holds the literal meaning of the name, a prosperous and growing centre, to argue that this place represented a frontier colony of the progress of aryanisation through the upper Ganga valley. However, the Aryans failed to proceed further east. So, the name was retained. Archeological evidences suggest that this region, forming a major part of Radh Bengal, could be traced even back to 4000-2000 BC. Burdwan is a place of mixed culture. The deuls (temples of rekha type) found here are quite reminiscent of Buddhist architecture. The various mosques and tombs remind us of Muslim culture. The old temples bear signs of Hinduism, mostly belonging to the Sakta and Vaishnava community. The famous Sufi Pir Baharam's tomb is here. The controversy on Kankaleswari Kali of whether it originally belonged to the Jains or Tantriks indicates again the town's multifaceted heritage.


1. The university was ranked 96 among universities in India by the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) in 2018 and in the 101–150 band overall.
2. The University of Burdwan has a Directorate of Distance Education (DDE, BU) for conducting post-graduate studies in distance mode.

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  • Courses Offered
    # Course Fees Duration Type
    1 Master of Business Administration [MBA] ₹ 32200/yr 2 Years Correspondence
    # Course Fees Duration Type
    1 Bachelor of Education [B.Ed] ₹ 25200/yr 2 Years Correspondence
    # Course Fees Duration Type
    1 Master of Arts [M.A] ₹ 2850/yr 2 Years Correspondence
    # Course Fees Duration Type
    1 Master of Science [M.Sc] ₹ 3850/yr 2 Years Correspondence
    # Course Fees Duration Type
    1 Master of Commerce [M.Com] ₹ 2785/yr 2 Years Correspondence
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